Club Car Golf Cart Features & Photos

We offer the best golf carts for the beach. You can feel good about riding in a Club Car Golf Cart because their built to meet or exceed the strictest safety standards—which means that details like front LED headlights with a focused field of view, highly conspicuous turn signals, and fail-proof armrests come standard. This type of golf cart is chosen for its performance in the sand and resilience to the salt air, along with all the features that make the Club Car vehicle street legal in Belize. The rack and pinion is an enhanced steering mechanism for the new golf cart, and a strong motor to drive through the sand.


Unlike golf cars, personal transportation vehicles (PTVs) are built for personal use and neighbourhood transportation, and:

club car best golf carts for the beach ambergris caye

Cup Holders

Mud Guard over Front and Rear Wheels

Crash Bumper

Head lights


Rearview Mirror

Extended Roof

Back Seat and guard rail

Club Car Golf Cart Features

Rental Services

Photos of Our Golf Carts

Our Golf Cart Rental Company does a rigorous check after each cart is used. This check plays a crucial part as to why our fleet is well maintained and safe for day to day travel. If repairs are needed parts are sourced from the Club Car dealer, this ensures the safety and reliability of the cars. These aren’t electric golf carts.

We also do a free car wash for all customers who book a golf car for 48hours or more.